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Child Protection Center

Who We Are

The Child Protection Center is committed to honoring children's voices, empowering families, and strengthening communities. Through compassion and support, CPC gives children the courage to overcome their abuse and go on to live happy and healthy lives full of laughter and wonderful memories. CPC is the first step in helping a victim become a survivor. We provides the following services for alleged victims of child abuse and their families:

What We Do

The Child Protection Center is the only nationally accredited child advocacy center serving children who have been abused in Jackson and Cass Counties in Missouri. CPC's mission is to respect the child and protect their voice throughout the investigation of child abuse. CPC accomplishes its mission by providing a safe, child-friendly setting in which to interview child abuse victims, coordinating investigative team services as well as mental health and medical services, and provding supportive services to assist children and their families begin the path toward healing.


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