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Join Our Board of Directors!

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The Board meets at least quarterly, but occasionally more. The Board is responsible for governance and policy-making, including decision making on Human Resources, Finance, Programming, Development (raising funds), and Technology.


Each Board Member is expected to

  • regularly attend board meetings and important related meetings.
  • make a commitment to participate actively in committee work.
  • participate in fundraising for the organization.
  • volunteer for and/or accept assignments while completing them thoroughly and on time.
  • stay informed about committee matters, prepare themselves well for meetings, and review and comment on minutes and reports.
  • get to know other committee members and build a collegial working relationship that contributes to consensus.
  • serve as an active participant in the committee’s annual evaluation and planning efforts. 


Each Director can serve two terms of three years each. At the end of six years, a Director must step down for one year before being eligible for reelection.


Nominees must be a person of good character and standing in the community and willing and able to:

  • serve on committees,
  • attend meetings, and
  • make decisions that affect the operation of Camp Encourage.

It's not all work

Serving on the Board is rewarding. It is an opportunity to give back to Camp Encourage and to the community. At the end of your term you can look back and see your accomplishments in the faces of the children you serve. Camp Encourage exists because community members are involved. Serving on the Board of Directors is a chance to step up and make a difference.

Next Step

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please write a short letter telling us why you want to serve and tell us about your background. Your letter can be sent to

Need Further Information?

If you would like further information or would like to speak with someone, feel free to contact us at 816.830.7171 or


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