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Volunteer during camp!

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An especially rewarding experience is that of sharing your time with the special campers during the week of Camp Encourage! Some roles are available for a portion of the week while others are designed to be roles for the entire stay.

Camp Encourage overnight camp dates can be found on our website.

Note: for all camp volunteer roles listed below, a Volunteer Application will need to be submitted. For those interested in simply volunteering at the carnival, no application is required.


Counselor positions are typically the most rewarding camp experiences for staff members. It is recommended that counselors remain at camp during the entire session. Each counselor is assigned to a camper or small group of campers depending on the needs of the children and youth. He or she accompanies the camper(s) to all of the daily activities and resides overnight with the children in an air-conditioned cabin. This is a unique opportunity for students or professionals that work in the field to experience (to a very small extent) what it is like to live with a person with an autism spectrum disorder. Life long friendships and professional connections often develop during this experience and we feel confident that many will describe it as one of the most valuable of their lives.


An Activity Facilitator plans and facilitates daily activities in his or her area and/or areas of expertise (i.e. sensory, art, social development, campfire songs, music activities, yoga, relaxation strategies, self-advocacy, self-esteem) for the campers. These volunteers can give their time for a portion of a day, a portion of the week, or for the entire session.


The Photographer is in charge of taking and printing pictures of daily activities using the camp's digital camera. He or she will also assist in preparing the slideshow which is shown at the closing of camp to all campers and their families.


Medically Trained Professionals reside overnight to assist with any medical needs. These individuals are in charge of collecting and distributing prescription and over-the-counter medications.


(application not required)

Carnival only volunteers are needed for an evening of each summer camp session to assist our Carnival Chairs in setting up the carnival festivities for the campers the last evening of each camp session. Activities for these volunteers include setting up a booth (with all materials organized and supplied for you), facilitating a carnival activity / booth, interacting with the campers as they roam through the carnival, and tidying up following the fun. It's a great volunteer activity for groups (church, work, families, etc.)!  To sign up for an upcoming carnival, please visit THIS WEBPAGE.


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Inclement Weather Plan: Outdoors activities are moved indoors during the camp session when inclement weather arises.
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